The Mercy of the Triduum

Such a time of great anticipation, Holy Week!  All the preparations of intentional fasting, prayer, and almsgiving bursts forth into an invitation of silence…”Be still, and know that I Am God…stirs in one’s mind, heart, spirit…and HANDS!  Why is it so difficult to be still, to listen to God’s whisper voice?  One wants to listen, be obedient, grow spiritually and deepen the faith.  Ah, comfort in silence!  A whisper of the first work of mercy, “Feed the Hungry” presents and the next thing you know, you are ordering chicken chili soup at the Wealthy Street Bakery for the men and women on Division – who, by the way, were so joy-filled, so happy, that God provided for them, another day.  Can one ever come away from these experiences not moved to a deeper place of communion with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?  God, in your great gift today of sacrificial love, be with those who are hungry again today, and may they fill up with both physical and spiritual nourishment, all as children of God.  Thank you for loving us all to give your life for us…may we in big and small ways today give ourselves to each other in love and mercy.

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