A beautiful UPRISE movement-maker Work of Mercy story…

Yesterday we learned of an touching story that featured of one of our UPRISE commitment makers of Catholic generosity, living her value for the Works of Mercy.  What follows is an inspiring example of the “Feed the Hungry” Work of Mercy-in Action!

“While I was waiting in the lobby to participate in a business meeting with an employee of a regional Food Bank, a woman walked in the door and approached the receptionist.  I overheard the the woman relay to the receptionist that she was looking for food – her husband had left her for a younger woman, left her teenage son and daughter without a home or any belongings as while she was away at work at a pre-school, her husband had changed the locks and cleared out all the belongings out of the home, everything she owned was gone.  She and her children had to start a new, in an apartment, which they quickly furnished with hand-me-downs from the local Goodwill.  In the midst of all this turmoil, the woman got sick, had to have a cyst removed and was hospitalized for a time.  Now home, she was trying desperately to rebuild her life, one step at a time.  But she and her family were hungry and asked if the Food Pantry could share food.  The receptionist politely replied that the Food Bank did not provide food directly to people, only their agencies did.  She stated that the closest agency was a church pantry about 12 miles away but they were not open yet.  I was shocked and had heard enough!  The woman departed the lobby and walked outside – I followed.  I asked the woman how I could help.   With tears in her eyes she said, I just want to eat, but have been turned away by yet a third place!  I then said, “Well, let’s go grocery shopping!  Where is the closest Meijer’s?”  The next thing I learned was that this woman was inside the grocery store, filling up a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the basics of eggs, milk, butter, meats and after 45 minutes, was able to leave the store with grocery bags filled with food, enough to keep her and her children fed until the next agency opened to serve her.  As the woman was loading her grocery bags into her car truck, she looked back at the woman getting in her car, came over and hugged her, and with tears in her eyes asked, why did you do this?  The women replied, I am Catholic.  God’s divine love for me is given to me to share with others – this is one way that we Cathlic’s show our love for God and others!”

Thank you, UPRISE commitment-maker – your commitment to Catholic generosity-in-action is truly a blessing and an load expression of Glory to God!

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