Beautiful, NextGen Generosity in the name of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus today!

Today is the last day of school for the K-8th graders of Saint Patrick’s Catholic School in Parnell, MI.  They gathered early this morning to celebrate mass, and had the benefit of celebrating together the Feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, a perfect day to celebrate love of God, Jesus, each other, and our departing Pastor, Father Mark Peacock.  The principal and a few of the children processed at the end of the liturgy to share presents of appreciation and read from the alter, love letters of how Father’s holy leadership over the past nine years affected each of them, personally.

If God is love, and philanthropy is love of humankind, care for one another, then there was a most beautiful expression of our school’s young people’s expressions and actions of generosity today that truly reflect the essence of this UPRISE global movement.

Blessings for the summer to all school children and their families, and blessings of the love of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, love poured out for all of us be yours this day, Alleluia!


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