UPRISE-inspired, Catholic service learning at the Middle School Level, too!

One recent summer morning, UPRISE was contacted by a very creative and inspiring middle school teacher in the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

I am starting an after school service club next year for the school/parish–grades K-12 (as the ultimate goal).  I was planning to encourage the use of UPRISE for grades 6-12… I noticed that your age goal is 14-25.  My age range for this would begin at age 11. Also, I love the logo and works of mercy symbols you are using.  I am going to be creating a coloring book/workbook for the K-2 and an action journal for 3-5 and I was wondering if I could use these symbols throughout the grade levels to encourage the UPRISE movement?   Again, I love the mission, the purpose, the meaning behind the branding this Catholic generosity program has created.  I would like permission to incorporate it into our parish program…”

Needless to say, the answer was a loud YES!  Can’t wait to see how this wonderful service learning program, incorporating UPRISE is launched this coming school year!  Praise Be to God!
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