Need One, Take One; Have One, Leave One – Work of Mercy #1

Perhaps your parish has this same program each summer, when the fields are full of the first fruits of a home or farm garden:  Need One, Take One; Have One, Leave One!

Today the first batch of cucumbers in our first garden produced such a bounty, we were unprepared with our canning training to “put up” all the abundance! So two bags were filled of just cucumbers…as I was thinking to myself, “Who is going to want these cucumbers?  So many people already grow their own!”

Low and behold, at the end of mass this morning, catching up with a friend and fellow-parishioner, she was lamenting that a ground hog had recently gotten in her garden, and took a bite out of each of her cucumbers on the vine in her garden, rendering her cucumber planting useless this season!  She was elated to learn that there were plenty of freshly picked cucumbers in the back of church, ready to place outside on the tables in the church plaza for fellow members of our faith family to enjoy!

What made me so happy is that her dreams of fresh cucumbers this summer were restored, and the excess ones she did not take were given to North Kent Connect for others to enjoy!

God’s timing is always so good!  He truly loves each of us, personally!


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