Jesus, Our Bread of Life!

It has been amazing to me for the pasts several weeks to hear during the Liturgy of the Word Christ’s reminder and truly His assertion that he is the Life of the World!

Jesus’s words have been such important reminders as the warm season of fun, recreation, and relaxation for many are coming to a transitional time of changing-seasons. ¬†As the abundance of summer gently moves into the melancholy of autumn and its season of natural beauty tinged with a decline of days, light and life, I will remain filled in body and mind with a steady state of plenty from the garden, and as Parker Palmer states a “muchness” of time spent with family and friends, “feeding us on more levels than we know,” Christ’s very body and blood shed for us, given to us a real food for spiritual nourishment withstands any change of season. Christs love thru the Holy Eucharist sustains us in all seasons of life, bountiful or limited. Jesus offered himself as our abiding food and drink to always provide a sustained life of love within us, rich in blessing and grace, in thanksgiving as a living sacrifice, a sign of gratitude to God our Heavenly Father as the largest constant giver and sustainer of life.

May Jesus’s life-giving bread and wine from heaven nourish and sustain you today with His very in-dwelling presence and produce in all seasons, His life within you – to generously love God, and your neighbor as yourself!

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