PEACE: Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent!

As the UPRISE commitment-makers continues to “Prepare the way of the Lord…” one of our 14 Works of Mercy was recently shared with me, #11:  Comforting the Sorrowful… or in UPRISE-speak: Fix that Sad Face!

“If you have ever had the gift and privilege to be able to be physically present and say your goodbyes to a loved one or dear friend, you know how both sad, yet sacred the whole experience can be…recalling their life in their prime: younger, more vibrant, happy, filled with hope for the future.

But then one day, the “future” became the “present,” and the time had come to begin the unavoidable hospice preparations and face the journey homeward to heaven, on God’s time and will.  I witnessed such an experience with a loved one; no longer conscious.  Yet with the help of life-long friends surrounding her around the clock, continuing to take care of her, keeping her comforted, gently whispering to her how much she is loved, and ensuring her travels homebound were without significant pain.

Today’s reading from Saint Paul to the Philippians in Chapter 1:  I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work in you will continue to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus...”  I too am confident that as my loved one transitions from this physical world on earth that all her good work in Jesus Christ she shared so generously with others is deeply embedded in her heart and soul, like a travel suitcase, packed and ready to go, heaven-bound!

May she know today the comfort and consolation of Christ as she completes her race of life.  And may her love of God and neighbor as herself, win her the prize of eternity!

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