Generosity Has Come, Happy Epiphany of the Lord!

One of our UPRISE movement-makers commented today:


“Isn’t it something that today, in the darkness of winter, we have light?! ¬†Sunlight has been streaming in my windows, even in church across the alter this morning – bright, bold, warm, yellow light; bathing us all with its joy and gladness, on this the Epiphany of our Lord!”

It is an amazing blessing to have God’s warm sunlight streaming, on this most blessed day when the Maji journeyed so long, so far, to be so generous to the Newborn King – to leave everything behind, to follow the brightly-lit Star, see with their own eyes God-made-Man; pay him homage with such precious gifts…

“Wise men and women still seek the King of Glory…” May your UPRISE start to this new year of 2019 bring the light of Christ into your generous heart, your family, your parish and community – thank you for warming with love and mercy our darkened world.

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