We are many parts, we are all One Body of Christ!

Hello, UPRISE movement-makers!!  Are you as inspired as I am by all the social media coverage of World Youth Day in Panama City?!  WOW, what beautiful witnesses these young adults are, sharing their love of Christ, and care for humankind on their very special pilgrimage animating their Catholic faith!  So Happy Pope Francis was there, modeling so many Works of Mercy!!

Closer here to home in the U.S., the Dad of his a 17 year old young daughter wrote to UPRISE yesterday, so excited that his daughter had met with her high school Headmistress out in Boston, MA, introducing UPRISE as a potential extension of their already-in-place service learning efforts throughout the campus and community. I have known this young lady her whole life and continue to be in awe of the depth of her wisdom and faith.

Keeping these young adults who are so on fire for their Catholic Faith – Go Holy Spirit, Go! 

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