New Method to Mercy: Caring for the Homeless

WOW, what I fantastic, recent evening with a group of high-schoolers from the south side community of Grand Rapids, MI who invited an UPRISE workshop on the #3 Work of Mercy, Shelter the Homeless!

Check out these cool, “glove-box bags” they made in the workshop, each filled with a variety of basics for those who are living on the street; food, personal items, even a list and contact information for local shelters.

Now when they are driving their car’s around the community and spot an individual who is on the street, they can reach into their glovebox and pull out a helpful and handle bag; offering some basic relief, and their big hearts of mercy to another brother or sister in Christ!

Thank you, Kurt, Analisa, and Robin for all you do for your youth ministry and for others in our community – you guys ROCK UPRISE!!

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