Divine Mercy IS DIVINE!

God bless Saint Faustina Kowalska, the Sister who was visited years ago by the Lord, Himself; requesting of her so many beautiful acts of mercy…what a huge blessing for all of US was HER YES, just like our Blessed Mother Mary!

Divine Mercy Sunday, created by another holy individual, Saint Pope John Paul II for today, the Sunday after Easter, is such a miraculous Feast!  What is this love of Christ for each of us, personally, that not only would He endure the suffering of the cross to save us, but offer peace and mercy to us sinners…Christ truly is with us today and everyday, just like he promised the apostles so long ago. What humble requests Christ made to Saint Faustina:  to write down in her journal all his revelations, to have the Divine Mercy image of Christ blessing us with His streaming blood and water made visible for the world to venerate, and to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, especially offering special grace to those who pray it during His 3:00 p.m. passion hour.

It is so very inspiring to know deeply that each of us has a purpose, a mission with, in, and through Christ for His church and the whole world.  Use us UPRISE movement-makers, Lord, as your instruments so others, particularly young adults may encounter You, Risen, and your heart-filled bounty of love and mercy!  Share a special work of mercy with someone who needs you today – we can do all things in Christ, our Risen Lord, Alleluia!

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