An Act of Love, through Anxiety & Need…to Choosing

UPRISE movement-makers can relate to today’s gospel, Luke 10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary, Lazarus’s sisters.  I mean how would you feel if your Lord suddenly arrived for a visit, with his 12 friends and were tired and hungry?!  Such hospitality one would stress about as you jumped up to create!

So many life duties do create from time to time worries – getting things done while trying to do what is right and good.

Found Christ’s words and invitation today a helpful reminder to be still, breathe, listen, love God and others as myself.  Live for Him and let go of things that may seems like needs but actually may stand in any distracting way.  He alone can bring satisfaction and internal peace.

I will be confident, choosing Christ as the focus of my heart, who is love, Himself.  He will fill up my heart to overflow with love for others as I care for His gift of self and mission.

Sitting at your feet today and always is the place to spend time with you so you may continue to teach me how to be the very best version of myself for you and others.  Thank God for the Eucharist where all I have to turn is to that quiet place of the soul and there I find you, ready to listen, ready to learn love.


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