Visit The Sick

I was…. sick and you visited me Matthew 25:35


Visiting the sick is another act of mercy directed towards our neighbors physical needs. In this case, the way we can show our neighbors God’s love is through the ministry of presence. Unlike being able to feed hunger or quench thirst, most of us cannot cure the sick. But Jesus tells us that simply being there for others is an important way to bring comfort in sickness.


Jesus longs for our presence and for us to be present to each other. How can you bring God’s presence to someone today? Perhaps a friend is sick or hospitalized and your presence could brighten their day. Perhaps a friend is struggling with a mental illness like depression. Your presence may not necessarily be healing but it could certainly be a welcome reminder of love. Find ways to bring Gods love to those who are suffering, and remember by doing so you are offering your presence to the Lord Himself.

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