Bury The Dead

“If I saw one of my people who had died and been thrown behind the wall of Nineveh, I used to bury him.” Tobit 1:17


This scripture passage is from the book of Tobit. In this book, Tobit is burying Israelites who were killed by an enemy. If he got caught (which he nearly did) he would have been killed himself.  It is very unlikely that we would ever have to go through this risk to give a proper burial to the dead, but this scripture illustrates the importance of honoring those who have passed on.


This corporal work of mercy, burying the dead, is important for many reasons.  It serves our loved ones as they have ended their journey on earth, and honoring their bodies reminds us of their dignity in God’s eyes and that one day their bodies will be glorified by Him in eternal life. It also serves those of us who are still living. Attending a funeral, sending cards or flowers, or giving support to those who have lost someone is a way to bring God’s love to our family and friends in times of trial. Finally, honoring the deceased reminds us of our own entry into eternal life and is an opportunity to prepare our hearts to be united with the Lord.

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