Today’s Royal Grace Reminder During the Feast of Christ’s Baptism

Our Pastor, Fr. Chuck this morning during the homily of mass challenged me and my brothers and sister in Christ by a reminder of the reality of Christ’s baptism and its consequence to my own baptism…including little ‘ole me as an adopted daughter of the royal household of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  Whoa!  What a magnificent gift, filled with grace!

As we all move out of the joy-filled, 18 days of our church’s Christmastime today and into the next seven weeks of the church’s start of “Ordinary Time,” keeping my head, heart and spirit aware of this beautiful reality of being part of God’s royal family, I want to bring the grace of Christmastime into my everyday life!  I am excited to use some of this daily time to reflect on this opportunity give to each of us to find new and authentic ways to live out my grace-filled heart of baptism!  Practice setting aside things that are less than this holy dignity.

What does being a child of God and part of His royal family mean to you?  What things will you stop doing in 2020 as well as new things you will start doing, to live your true identity of love and generosity?  Let the UPRISE movement-makers know at [email protected]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in the baptismal family of Christ! 

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