St. Angela Merici Young Adult Ministry thru Mercy

The talented and passionate young adult ministry leadership and members of St. Angela Merici Catholic Church in Youngstown, OH live the generosity Works of Mercy! Diana, their leader, a new UPRISE movement maker helps next gen Catholics “make connections back to our church and their faith.” For nearly the past five years this parish young adult ministry program has grown, given the one-to-one engagement by the Pastor and Diana, inviting prospective members to share what their God-given gifts and talents are with others, with young adults positively responding with surprise and delight that they “I did not know that my gifts and talents could be of help and service to the church!”

Encouraging young adults to join YAM, their young adult ministry program means that “it must become more…that everyone’s talents are needed in the church and throughout the community…” was the catalyst to an old and neglected city park being completely renovated by St. Angela Merici’s YAM; a new welcome video by a budding filmmaker; a successful blood drive led by YAM at the parish. “We want our young adults to know that the church is big enough for all of them so we may realize the diversity of everyone’s gifts!”

Bless you, Diana and the St. Angela Merici YAM for joining UPRISE! May your generosity grow in your church and in your hearts for God, neighbor and self.

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