Christ’s Loving Generosity-in-action in our midst, today!

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where it “hits you,” you see in the lives of those around you, doing “everyday activities” but with the Love of God and others before them?!

Today is one of those days where as the winter snow falls, there is a sister-on-law on the other side of the country hosting a virtual gathering of her friends to introduce them to her favorite charity! There is an Auntie three states away who calls out of the blue to say hello and convey her sentiments and wisdom of life, on the heels of her hatband of nearly 60 years recently passing away. There is a husband who has been working for more than a year on lovingly renovating a home for his beloved bride, wanting to create a beautiful space upon which to build their life together and share it with others…so much generosity! So much of Christ’s love in action!

“In gratitude we are human persons; in generosity we are Christ-like…” May your new day be filled with opportunities to share your love with God and others, and may you be graced with His love through others!

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