2021 UPRISE: Belonging Together, Building Community, Generously Loving

Has the global pandemic changed your heart, opened up new avenues to love and praise God, generously care for your brothers and sisters in Christ in their moments of new needs? Has such a destructive pandemic around the world humbly offered you life-giving gifts you did not expect?

Hearing from UPRISE movement-makers who have been:

isolated, living alone: they have so much more appreciated the gentle sights and sounds nature; God’s creation and creatures as a gift to all in every season!

caring for a sick loved one: sacrificing sleep and their own wellbeing to accompany to see a physician, be present at the hospital, prepare meals at home for a loved one healing; surprisingly appreciating how time has slowed down to serve as a companion to those they love in need!

grieving the loss of a family member who suffered a COVID fate: not being able to attend the funeral, not being able to celebrate their life with their family, having to wait until the spring to bury their dead; being still and knowing confidently they are experiencing the consolidation and holy peace that only God can offer!

Welcome, 2021 UPRISE – we have gone off social media this year to “pause” and be present to the thousands of individuals who for the past three years have “Ignited Their Flame,” joined UPRISE and now long to belong together, build community and have new ideas for how they can share their love and mercy with others, particularly as the pandemic roars along.

Contact [email protected] if you are interested in getting more connected, getting more involved as a volunteer – we would love to invite you! Just as His Holiness has recently invited all Catholics, we are “stretching out our hands, we are listening with an open heart!”

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