Transitioning Our UPRISE Website!

Dear UPRISE global movement-makers:

THANK YOU for “Igniting Your Flame,” joining the UPRISE movement and diving in with both feet into sharing your Works of Mercy with those in your family, friends, school, church parish or community – your huge generous hearts of love and mercy offered to others in need have been so inspiring!! Thank you for contacting us at [email protected] over these past 3 and 1/2 years to tell us your stories of how you have been the hands and hearts of Christ’s love in the world! God bless each and every one of you for dedicating your commitment of generosity to Our Lord, all for His glory!

This month, regretfully our website will be coming down for a time, in path to transition to a new website, but with the same URL: We learned that the “WordPress” design template used to create UPRISE’s website nearly four years ago is no longer supported by WordPress, and thus when updates occur, we no longer receive them. The consequence of this is that our website is now at risk of hackers infiltrating, which has occurred and been corrected. But now we remain vulnerable. So, with great sadness, this site must come down, be revised a bit, and will come back up om line next month. We will be sure to send all of you an email with a link to the new site, but keeping the old URL address:

God works in mysterious ways, and with complete trust, the Holy Spirit is still in charge of UPRISE! May God continue to bless you and our generosity movement that has become so important to so many – look forward to linking you to the new website in hopefully 30 days!

Keep up your UPRISE!!! God Bless!!

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