Together We Will Uprise


Local, national, and global Catholic organizations and charities who are committed to basic human needs are supporting Uprise by creating opportunities for service and performing Works of Mercy.

Check out these organizations, find the ones that inspire you, and start sharing your 14 Works of Mercy with honor and love!

Catholic Organizations

Catholic Central
Muskegon Catholic Central

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Seize the Day.

Want to better understand the next generation and what inspires them? Would you like to encourage young adults to further the Catholic Faith and spread love, mercy, and kindness? According to the 2017 Millennial Impact Report, millennials’ interest in social issues and change continues to grow. Today’s non-profit organizations and charities are in positions to tap into millennial activism and passion, garner volunteers and donors, and engage young people to power movements — movements like Uprise! Join us in our quest to help the world’s young adults actively participate in making the world they live in a more loving and peaceful place, sharing their love of Christ with others, while deepening their faith, and others’ as well.

Make the Commitment

It doesn’t take much — giving your time to help someone, sharing a passion to empower others, or even gathering your friends to brainstorm an idea that could make someone else’s day — an act that will surely make yours, as well!