Fuel the Uprise and Keep it Going

The Long Game

What do we ultimately want this movement to achieve? Why Uprise? Our goal is to inspire young adults to stand up, be proud, and carry on their Catholic Faith, helping the Catholic Church continue to grow and strengthen throughout generations to come. It’s about encouraging the next generation to create a more loving world through generosity. Filling their own and others’ hearts with love over a lifetime, especially in the midst of today’s material and secular distractions. After all, even a small, thoughtful gesture has the potential to grow into a widespread difference in people’s lives. All of this generosity, returned in gratitude, to God, for his greater glory and praise!

The more who join Uprise, the more difference we can all make. We cannot possibly outmatch God in His generosity! 


The first phase is building excitement for and awareness of the movement, encouraging the commitment of young men and women, empowering young adults in schools, parishes, and families to make a difference, and inspiring others to join Uprise. Together, we will help the movement continue to globally grow!


This is the part when we form a community of care, building up each other and those around us, encouraging and supporting those committed to performing ever-increasing acts of care and compassion. This is when the movement reaches critical masses and Uprise communities all around the world are connected through social media to learn from each other, share experiences, and further the movement. Uprise movement-makers find personal meaning and purpose through Uprise.

Never Ending

All those committed and inspired to perform Works of Mercy can download a poster-sized certificate to serve as a goal-setting tool, badge tracker, and reminder of the many ways you can help others in need throughout the year and throughout life. Each of the 14 Works of Mercy has a downloadable badge you can add onto your certificate as you earn them, but the Uprise isn’t over if you’ve earned all 14! Just as with extending Pope Francis’ 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy, our goal with Uprise is to inspire a commitment of care, love, and acts of kindness throughout your lifetime. Accomplishing all 14 Works of Mercy is an extraordinary and selfless gift to others, but it is truly just the beginning.