Community Impact Stories

Dear UPRISE global movement-makers: THANK YOU for “Igniting Your Flame,” joining the UPRISE movement and diving in with both feet into sharing your Works of […]

Has the global pandemic changed your heart, opened up new avenues to love and praise God, generously care for your brothers and sisters in Christ […]

This past week founding volunteer members and Godly Counsel for UPRISE met via Zoom to review the Cathokic, nextgen global generosity movement outcomes over the […]

Merry Christmas to all UPRISE movement makers! THANK YOU for all for your huge hearts over these next 12 Days of Christmas, where the birth […]

Today, more than 250 individuals from across the U.S. are meeting via Zoom and videos to kick off this week’s 2020 National Leadership Forum on […]

What a beautiful day set aside today to keep in heart World Day of the Poor – the UPRISE movement makers and their many ways […]

One of our newest UPRISE movement makers is Ugandan evangelist, Luke Odong Simon from Kampala. He regularly invites individuals and families, particularly those parents of […]

Oh, how the violence and destruction erupting across our land is creating such sadness – and on the last day of the 50 day celebration […]

Earlier this month, His Holiness, Pope Francis invited all Catholics today to join him in dedicating today 14 May to fasting, prayer, and charity to […]

This COVID-19 virus has upended our abilities to gathering around the world in our local parishes with our pastor and faith families to worship together […]