Individual Impact Stories

One of our UPRISE movement-makers shared a work of mercy she offered yesterday to a friend that touched my heart, wanted to share this with […]

UPRISE movement-makers can relate to today’s gospel, Luke 10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary, Lazarus’s sisters.  I mean how would you feel if your […]

Such an outpouring today of Christ’s gift to all of us, the Holy Spirit, our Advocate, Ambassador, our helper on our life’s journey to be […]

Dear UPRISE movement-makers: Your patience with the void of posts these past four weeks is so kind and supportive…thank you for all your beautiful corporate […]

God bless Saint Faustina Kowalska, the Sister who was visited years ago by the Lord, Himself; requesting of her so many beautiful acts of mercy…what […]

Are any other UPRISE movement-makers out there finding it hard to wait today, the day leading up to this evening’s Easter Vigil?! Filling up the […]

How inspiring today’s well-known gospel of the Prodigal Son…but how rare the true mercy the Father so loving bestowed on his son, even after the […]

Lent is already feeling like it has flipped into turbo! Last Monday’s 3.4.19 Gospel according to Mark 10:17-27 had a profound affect as we prepared […]

Dear UPRISE movement-makers: Lent begins in less than 48 hours!  Fat Tuesday is tomorrow!  How are you preparing for Lent, How will you change up […]

Today’s gospel reading Luke 6:27-38 sure was challenging to hear!  What about you?! Who out there finds it easy to “love your enemies, do good […]