Individual Impact Stories

REJOICE IN THE LORD, ALWAYS…AGAIN, I SAY REJOICE!!  (Saint Paul to the Philippians Chapter 4:4) Happy Third Sunday of Advent!  The Lord is so near…Tonight […]

As the UPRISE commitment-makers continues to “Prepare the way of the Lord…” one of our 14 Works of Mercy was recently shared with me, #11: […]

Happy New Year in our beautiful Catholic Church, also the start of our Advent Season! We understand the purpose of Advent is to prepare each […]

Have you ever just been inspired to be kind to a total stranger?  You’ve seen it, right? Buying the next person in line at the […]

On this most holy day, we offer our praise and thanksgiving to God who has found thousands of common folks worthy of trail and His […]

Today’s gospel readings help challenge us to remain focused on serving others – that can be challenging at times!  Thank God we have His grace […]

Dear Holy Spirit: Today, inflame my heart with love and compassion to the needs of others, so I may show them Your kindness and care…please […]

It has been amazing to me for the pasts several weeks to hear during the Liturgy of the Word Christ’s reminder and truly His assertion […]

Hello dear UPRISE movement-makers and friends in generosity! One of our founding advisors who has serve as one of our original social media coordinators for […]

Wow, what a powerful Second Reading at mass today! Saint Paul really offers a challenge, certainly one that those who have joined the UPRISE movement […]