Parish Impact Stories

Thank goodness for our baptism!  The grace of that beautiful sacrament invites each of us to share in the life of the Holy Trinity, here […]

I love a birthday!  And I love the Catholic Feast Day celebrations! Today, we are blessed with both, Pentecost, the Birthday of the Catholic Church! […]

For UPRISE:  Our Catholic Generosity Commitment movement-makers, generosity is a spacious word – it is roomy enough for anyone to give of their time, talent, […]

We all loved celebrating the Second Sunday of Easter as Diving Mercy Sunday! Divine Mercy Sunday is a beautiful, modern denotation to the attribute of […]

Many thanks to Drew Andrews, the young adult faculty, including Grace Welsh one of Uprise’s founding advisors for their thoughtful Confirmation Retreat!  We are most […]

Thank you to the Diocese of Grand Rapids MI for your UPRISE feature today! Today, Tuesday, Nov. 28, from midnight to 11:59 p.m., Catholics of […]

Thank you for your gracious invitation, young adults of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in Parnell, MI for inviting Grace and Colleen to visit on 19 […]

At St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Parnell, the Stong Catholic Families parish ministry invited the whole congregation to collect during the month of October 2017, […]

Feeding the Hungry is something our parish is committed to do throughout the year, but especially in summer months everyone brings their produce, picked fresh […]