Uprise to the Occasion

14 Ways to Show You Care

(14 Works of Mercy)

Some of the Works of Mercy might be new to you or not make sense. Not to worry, though. We’ve made sure to explain what they’re really all about so you can decide which ones you’d like to try and which ways you want to be generous to others. Each time you fulfill one of these acts of kindness and caring, you’ll earn a mercy badge and satisfaction knowing you just helped make the world that much better.


Go forth and Uprise!


You Gotta Eat, Right?

(Feed the Hungry)

Not everyone has access to second helpings much less a first! You can help those who go without food by not wasting it yourself, sharing what you have, donating to a pantry, or volunteering at a food truck or soup kitchen. You get the idea.



Raise Your Glass

 (Give Drink to the Thirsty)

There’s nothing like guzzling down a nice cold glass of water when you’re hot, but while you’re feeling refreshed, think about those who do not have access to clean water or are able to drink when they are thirsty. Perhaps you can do something about that in your community or another part of the world, huh?



Street Wise and Proud of It

(Shelter the Homeless)

People can become homeless for many reasons. Go out and meet them, understand their obstacles, let them know they matter, help them face their challenges, give them hope, and help keep them warm and comfortable until they have a roof over their heads once again.



Smile and Wave

(Visit the sick)

Often those that are sick are avoided, forgotten or ignored.You know what would make their day? A visitor! Stop by and say hi. Help them find strength in your compassion. Just spend time listening. Let them know people care and they are not alone.



Go Directly to Jail and Do Not Pass Go

(Visit the imprisoned)

Yes, it’s not the most glamourous of the acts, but helping a prisoner know he or she is forgiven and not forgotten is pretty powerful stuff. Now, actually going to jail is something most people try to avoid, but you can help in other ways. Try donating to charities that give to kids whose parents are in prison, serve juvenile offenders, or help someone imprisoned by addiction to fight their dependency.  



Get your Grieve On

(Bury the Dead)

Gathering for funerals give us opportunities to support loved ones who are grieving, comfort those that are mourning, and celebrate life together. Simply being there for someone going through a loss offers companionship, consolation, and care when it’s needed most. Even just sending a card or saying a prayer can go a long way.



Don’t Look Down!

(Give alms to the poor)

Everywhere you look, there are people in need — people less fortunate than you. Don’t look down upon them or worse, look away — look them in the eyes and offer your help however you can. Skip that Latte and give what you would have spent to the poor. Put yourself in their shoes, and if they don’t have any, give them yours! Seek out organizations that focus on serving and supporting people with life’s basic needs. Look up, don’t look down.



Free Advice

(Counsel the doubtful)

Everyone has moments of doubt and at times may even question their faith — the struggle is real! Be there in these moments. Share a book, a reflection, a passage, or even one of your own life experiences you think might be helpful. Accompany a friend to mass or a service. Talk about your beliefs and help them find their way. The Holy Spirit will be your Guide!



On a Mission

(Instruct the ignorant)

When you’re excited about your faith, you’re able to pass on that excitement to others, and that’s pretty cool. Experiences are often the best way to learn together. Mission trips and religious programs are great opportunities to gain knowledge and discover new things to share.



Do the Right Thing

(Admonish the Sinner)

Be humble. Don’t judge those who do wrong, just help them see their mistakes with compassion and understanding. If someone’s heading down a road that could hurt themselves or others, show them a better path.



Fix That Sad Face

(Comfort the Sorrowful)

If you know someone going through a difficult time, let them know you care by lending an ear, making a meal, sending a card — any little thing that says you’re there for a friend will help turn frowns upside down!



Stay Calm and (Don’t) Carry on a Grudge

(Forgiving Injuries)

Sure, sometimes it’s hard to forgive wrong doing, but holding a grudge doesn’t do anybody any good. Love is stronger than hate — so stay calm and be strong! You’d be surprised how good it feels when you let go of being upset and forgive, for yourself and the one you’ve forgiven.



Bring It On

(Bearing wrongs patiently)

If someone does you wrong, instead of being bitter about it, offer it up! Everyone has their own battles, remember this before forming an opinion or getting angry. If you’re frustrated with someone, step away from the situation, say a prayer, take a few deep breaths, and remember Christ on the Cross — talk about bearing wrongs patiently! If Jesus could do it, so can you!



Send a Prayer to God

(Praying for the living and dead)

The power of prayer is amazing! Embrace it. Write down names of those to keep in your prayers. Request prayers from friends, families, and your church — the more the better! It’s one of the best ways to offer support, and prayers do get answered!


Of course there are many ways you can perform these Works of Mercy, and numerous other ways to show compassion and kindness. No matter what you choose to do, and where and when you choose to do it, you are responding to the basic and spiritual needs of humanity as we all journey through life together. You are the Uprise!

Please share your acts of kindness with us and others, and if you have your own suggestions, let us know!

Make the Commitment

It doesn’t take much — giving your time to help someone, sharing a passion to empower others, or even gathering your friends to brainstorm an idea that could make someone else’s day — an act that will surely make yours, as well!