Uprise…and shine!

Make a Commitment

Why should Pope Francis’ 2016 Jubilee Year of Mercy stop at just one year? Let’s keep it going. Let’s do our part to make the world a better place. Let’s spread love and caring and encourage others to do the same. Let’s pay it forward. Let’s Uprise!

3 Easy Steps

Decide to make the generosity commitment, then tell your parents and friends.

Sign up below and spread the word of your generosity commitment on social media, and share your story of why you want to join.

Consider checking out the toolkit section of the website to find some cool social icons you can use and even a PDF certificate you can download to track your progress if you want. If you check off all the achievements, post a selfie with your certificate, and # us to get a nice prize!

Pick one of the Works of Mercy to get started and get out there and do it! You will feel as good as the person you help! Get others to join with you and don’t forget to post pictures of your experience on social media.

Making the Generosity Commitment

When you join Uprise, you are joining a group of driven young people, committed to making generosity a priority in their lives, spreading love and kindness around the world, one caring act at a time. You don’t have to perform all 14 Works of Mercy, but you certainly can try! You can do it however and whenever you choose. Everyone’s path will be different — go ahead and follow yours!

By filling out this form, you are letting us know you’re in, and as a result, you will have access to downloadable badges for each act, and a certificate/poster to keep track of the acts as you accomplish them. You will be given a toolkit complete with ideas, information, instructions, and resources to help you Uprise. If you like, we will even keep you informed about the movement and others’ stories of impact.

Remember, generosity isn’t just about money. It’s about sharing of your time and talents, serving others and giving back. It’s about an Uprise against sitting by and waiting for change — Uprise for seizing opportunities to put your faith into action today and make the world a more loving place.

Welcome to Uprise!