It’s time to Uprise

Start an Uprise Club

Want to get Uprise going? Start gathering people closest to you to be a part! Start an Uprise Club at your school — the more people involved, the more impact it’ll have. In other words, the bigger the Uprise, the bigger difference you can make in people’s lives everywhere in the world! Here’s how to get started.

Remember, there’s no one way to Uprise — you choose what Work of Mercy you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you’re going to get it done. Everyone’s Uprise will be different, but the goal will always be the same: Make the world a more loving place one act of mercy and kindness, and one life at a time.


3 Easy Steps

Decide to make the commitment, then tell your parents and friends.

Sign up, download your commitment certificate from the toolkit, spread the word of your generosity commitment on social media, and share your story of why you want to join.

Pick one of the Works of Mercy to get started and get out there and do it! You will feel as good as the person you help! Get others to join with you and don’t forget to post pictures of your experience on social media.

Make the Commitment

It doesn’t take much — giving your time to help someone, sharing a passion to empower others, or even gathering your friends to brainstorm an idea that could make someone else’s day — an act that will surely make yours, as well!