Be united in prayer and good works of love and mercy, becoming transformed in loving witness for Christ


It’s a high-tech world and social media and online info is everywhere — take advantage of this opportunity to build the cause! Use the resources here to post on social media, spread the word, and keep Uprise going strong!


Share the meaning behind the Uprise movement and the logo that represents it!

Use these hashtags when posting on social media to help keep our movement connected!

  • #catholicuprise
  • #uprise
  • #catholic
  • #worksofmercy
  • #charity
  • #generosity
  • #generositymovement
  • #jointhemovement
  • #mercyfridays
  • #nextgencatholicmovement
  • #passiton
  • #loveisfreedom
  • #loveandmercy
  • #Godislove
  • #Faith
  • #catholicyouth
  • #AliveinChrist
  • #bekind
  • #lovingGod
  • #spiritfilledlife
  • #LifeinChrist
  • #changetheworld
  • #oneheartatatime
  • #faithinaction
  • #peaceandjoy
  • #lovethyneighbor
  • #Jesussaves
  • #Ourcatholicgenerositycommitmeny
  • #Uprisegenerosity

Share the impact stories of others, blogs, and articles posted on this website to help Uprise stay connected and, and keep the movement growing.

Social media is the best way to create excitement for the Uprise! Write posts to share your stories, your experiences with service deeds, or other good deeds you witness. Don’t forget to use Uprise hashtags and include an image, video or one of the badge Icons found in the Graphics Library!

Example Posts:

This is totally inspiring! Can’t wait to try these out. Perfect for #Uprise!

7 Teens using Social Media for Good Deeds


Counting down the days for #Uprise. Been making plans. Check out this awesome site I found for #UpriseGenerosity ideas!


You are invited to introduce UPRISE to your family, friends, parish, school, favorite Catholic charitable organizations with this updated presentation from October 2019 – contact Colleen Mitchell at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Feel free to use this document to present to large groups or to email and share when explaining Uprise and helping it grow.

Make the Commitment

It doesn’t take much — giving your time to help someone, sharing a passion to empower others, or even gathering your friends to brainstorm an idea that could make someone else’s day — an act that will surely make yours, as well!