UPRISE: Our Catholic Generosity Commitment

Even though society may try to sideline your faith, you still have a passion for serving others.
Your faith on fire is inspiring a unified revolution of love and generosity.

It’s time to offer each other Catholic mercy.
It’s time for an Uprise!

Uprise and defend your faith. Uprise against outside forces pushing you away from your faith. Uprise for a better, more loving world by making your Catholic Generosity Commitment.

No, we’re not talking about money — generosity isn’t always about that. You can be generous with your time, your talents, your resources, and your networks of friends. That’s what Uprise is all about. It’s a global, social media movement starting right here in West Michigan. It’s a generosity commitment led by young adults in families, schools, and parishes coming together to inspire acts of kindness focused on Catholic causes, organizations, and experiences to help those in need.

Join the Uprise movement and together, we can create a more loving world, one life at a time.

Make the Commitment

It doesn’t take much, but it can mean so much. Giving your time to help someone out; sharing your passion to empower others; even gathering your friends to brainstorm an idea that could make someone else’s day — an idea that will surely make yours, as well! When you make a commitment, you are simply choosing to keep Catholic causes a priority throughout your life, to look beyond yourself and serve others in need. Your generosity can change their lives and your own — it can even change the world. It might be hard to imagine one person making that big of a difference, but when you and others join the Uprise movement, you will!

Others Have Shared Their

Stories of Impact

Check out these awesome stories across social media showing the beginnings of Uprise in your community, and all around the world. Learn what other Uprise movement makers are doing. This is the stuff that’s making a difference! Get inspired!


16 September 2019

Jesus gives a bold message in His Gospel: when you serve your neighbor, not only are you showing them His love, but you are serving […]

23 August 2019

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28 July 2019

An UPRISE commitment-maker in Grand Rapids MI relays the power and truth of today’s Saint Luke’s gospel reminder – – of the personal love of […]

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Ideas to Uprise

Check back here often for new ideas and opportunities to perform acts of kindness.


Raising our young adults in God’s image, not our own can be challenging! If you are a parent, reflect on how you can increase your heart of love to raise your children as people of generosity and faith. Look for new ways to celebrate God’s many graces of life together as a family, respecting that each member of the family is a gift.

Give each other the gift of time: Make mealtimes sacred, model God’s love for each other and pass on the faith, connect with other families, pray together, encourage youth ministry, capture family stories of generosity, create and do a service project together. Seek together opportunities to perform the works of mercy both individually and together as a family throughout your neighborhoods and communities. Serve others right beyond your front door.


Catholic schools above all, are a ministry, that prepares and nurtures young adults’ loving relationship with Jesus Christ. Schools partner with parents, a child’s first educators, to offer additional instruction, learning, and faith formation that is essential for each person to fully participate in and serve others throughout their lives, in the midst of our ever-changing world today. Getting involved in community action projects is often the way in which many of our young people grow deeper in their faith. This sort of generosity outreach taps into their hearts and minds giving them confidence. Our schools are very good at developing leadership potential. Forming a school-based Uprise “Club” by our young people for school and community outreach programs form a crucial part of their overall learning and faith formation experiences.


Stewardship and generosity is rooted in discipleship and responding to the gifts that God has given us. While stewardship encapsulates monetary giving, it has a broader meaning than just giving money. The U.S. bishops highlight time and talent, as well as treasure, and even understand evangelization as stewardship, insofar as Catholics are called to “share the good news” that was gifted to them. Stewardship and generosity, as emphasized in the bishops’ pastoral letter, as fundamentally the work of the Holy Spirit in Catholic lives. Good stewardship will always emerge and be present when individuals understand and live out their various roles in discipleship.

One form of engaging in generosity and living out discipleship is through almsgiving. or giving a portion one’s income to the Church and other charitable causes. Being active in youth ministry within a parish is another valuable way to be generous to others, particularly with your time and networks of friends and other parishioners. As important as religious education is, young people do not thrive, or learn to put their faith into action in an education only environment. In addition to the religious education, Youth Ministry offers many opportunities for young adults to have fun with their Christian peers, grow in their faith, and participate in the parish faith community. Examples include: outreach, mission trips, community service, and advance studies.