UPRISE: Our Catholic Generosity Commitment

Even though society may try to sideline your faith, you still have a passion for serving others.
Your faith on fire is inspiring a unified revolution of love and generosity.

It’s time to offer each other Catholic mercy.
It’s time for an Uprise!

Uprise and defend your faith. Uprise against outside forces pushing you away from your faith. Uprise for a better, more loving world by making your Catholic Generosity Commitment.

No, we’re not talking about money — generosity isn’t always about that. You can be generous with your time, your talents, your resources, and your networks of friends. That’s what Uprise is all about. It’s a global, social media movement starting right here in West Michigan. It’s a generosity commitment led by young adults in families, schools, and parishes coming together to inspire acts of kindness focused on Catholic causes, organizations, and experiences to help those in need.

Join the Uprise movement and together, we can create a more loving world, one life at a time.

Ignite Your Flame!

Join The UPRISE Movement — With hundreds of young adults of all ages across the globe who’ve committed to UPRISE for Catholic generosity!!

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Stories of Impact

Check out these awesome stories across social media showing the beginnings of Uprise in your community, and all around the world. Learn what other Uprise movement makers are doing. This is the stuff that’s making a difference! Get inspired!


21 February 2021

Dear UPRISE global movement-makers: THANK YOU for “Igniting Your Flame,” joining the UPRISE movement and diving in with both feet into sharing your Works of […]

15 February 2021

Has the global pandemic changed your heart, opened up new avenues to love and praise God, generously care for your brothers and sisters in Christ […]

24 January 2021

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where it “hits you,” you see in the lives of those around you, doing “everyday activities” […]

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Ideas to Uprise

Check back here often for new ideas and opportunities to perform acts of kindness.


Though Uprise is a young adult movement, parents, as our first teachers, model generosity for their children, and they, as well as grandparents and siblings, play an important role. By encouraging and supporting the movement, parents and family members help strengthen and grow family relationships and community faith, while empowering young adults to actively participate, deepen their faith, and help make the world a better place.


When classmates, teachers, and principals take part in the movement, a community of caring forms, a sense of togetherness grows, and a local Uprise of support and service occurs! Creating awareness of the program and inspiring young adults to form Uprise clubs unifies the school’s community and lifts up participants and supporters, encouraging them to share their generosity together locally, and beyond.


With the blessing of the universal church community, Uprise is supported and strengthened in youth ministry and social justice activities. Local Catholic Churches reinforce the goals of Uprise and widen the circle of people working to bring the generosity through service vision to life, helping to reach the goal of a better, loving world for all.


As today’s multitudes of the Millennial and GenZ generations, you are filled with hope…you have big plans for your life, and you have a passion for service! You all stand to make an incredibly-large mark and impact on the world, based on the social organizations causes, events, and experiences that are most important to you. What you choose to do to best share your one-of-a-kind, unique time, talent, treasure and ties with others - in your families, schools, parishes, and communities - will create a positive difference in others lives, and in your heart and spirit, as well. Uprise, Catholic generosity commitment is an open invitation to you, to keep a priority throughout your life, Catholic causes thru the works of mercy, that will fundamentally enhance your life, and improve the lives of others.


Partnering with the leadership of a variety of Catholic college and universities who are dedicated to offering campus ministry to help support a culture of service through the works of mercy with a variety of community service organizations. Uprise provides service learning experiences, helps build and empower campus ministry leadership development and over time, builds personal networks of those who share a service passion for others in need.


A variety of community organizations, causes, events, and experiences are widely available to lift up opportunities of service throughout the works of mercy - in your local community, and around the globe. Catholic groups, as well as organizations who reflect the Catholic social justice teachings, are helpful partners to all Uprise generosity commitment-makers. Community neighbors and charitable organizations are finding today’s Millennial and GenZ young adults very ready, willing, and open for engaging in creative, hands-on, individual and group service learning. Reach out directly to any one of the Uprise Partners for service learning and volunteer opportunities, as well as share with us your favorite group We’d like to be introduced to their mercy-mission!